Our menu items and what they are

Our menu items and what they are

Atowa is a unique African restaurant with a menu completely unlike any of the other White River restaurants. The restaurant is based in the grounds of Greenway Woods Resort.


In Afrikaans, they are called skilpaadjies, which translates as small tortoises in English. They are little packets of lamb liver covered in the caul fat of a sheep cooked on the fire, and they end up looking like tiny shells. They are delicious, but very fatty, so balance is important. This is certainly something that everyone in their life should try at least once. However, be sure to eat them hot, because the fat might stick to the back of your teeth if you eat it cold.


Roosterkoek is a popular South African bread roasted over the coals on a grid, simply meaning grill cake. These small pieces of leavened bread dough are made of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, oil, and water and are rubbed with butter and grilled until mildly charred. Piping sweet, right off the grill, smeared with even more butter, Roosterkoek is best enjoyed. Inevitably, the bread is part of a braai, a South African barbecue, but it is also perfect as a sandwich, mixed with butter, jelly, or cheese.

Bunny Chow

Bunny chows are generally filled with curries made from traditional Durban ingredients: curry with mutton or lamb, chicken curry, curry with trotters & beans and curry with beans. Other varieties utilizing less conventional Durban-Indian food found nationally include curry gravy chips, fried sausage, cheese, eggs, and polony. These are all common fillings; vegetarian was the initial bunny chow. Bunny chows are sometimes eaten with a side portion of grated carrot, chili and onion salad comprising salad. This contains sliced tomatoes, carrots, and green chilies eaten with white vinegar, widely known as sambals.


Chimichurri is a raw sauce made with finely chopped spices, garlic, oil and vinegar. The sauce originally comes from Argentina and Uruguay, where it is typically used to marinate meats. It sometimes contains spicy chili peppers or chili flakes, and the spices vary and include favorites like parsley, cilantro, and oregano. While it is generally made with green ingredients, there is indeed a red chimichurri variability made with red peppers or tomatoes.

Bush Pig Cabanossi

Bush pig cabanossi is a thin but long dry sausage made of bush pig meat. It has a smokey flavor and can be soft or very dry depending on the way you enjoy it. It is a great snack while you are waiting for the main course.

Milk Tart

Milk tart known as Melk tert in Afrikaans is a nice creamy milk tart.  A little redolent of custard pie but more brittle, with a softer texture and a powerful milk presence. Do not wait for this pie to solidify – it just does not, it is more like a pudding with a crust. It is made with a sweet pastry shell sometimes known as Pate sablée. The positive thing about this dessert is that you do not have to worry about rolling it out- all you will do is place the crust into the pie pan.

Those who are not in the mood for venison are not left out, as the menu includes several tamer options.

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