Our menu items and what they are

Our menu items and what they are

Atowa is a unique African restaurant with a menu completely unlike any of the other White River restaurants. The restaurant is based in the grounds of Greenway Woods Resort.

In certain species, the gizzard is a tiny organ that aids in the grinding up of hard foods and particles.

It has a low fat content (3g per 100g serving of gizzard) and a high protein content (30g of protein per 100g of gizzard serving). Chicken gizzards are a better choice than high-fat cuts of beef if you’re looking for a low-fat way to add protein to your diet.

If you’ve never had gizzard before, I can only characterize it as chicken-like in flavor. Gizzard, unlike other offals, does not have a clear offal flavor. Consider chicken that is chewy and rubbery in texture.

These were made by my mother when I was a child. Her specialty was stewing them in a tomato sauce base with red peppers and scotch bonnet peppers. Until you got past the heat from the scotch bonnet peppers that feature prominently in the Nigerian version of this dish, these were a deliciously crunchy and chewy treat.

I’m a fan of spicy gizzards these days. You remember, the one where you cook it for an hour on the stove with soy sauce and aromatic spices, close to how Asians prepare duck gizzard. The end result is a chewy treat that is deliciously aromatic and flavorful.

Nothing compares to the wonderful aroma of garlic and ginger wafting through the air. Rolling in the front door after running an errand, Le Hub commented on the intoxicating scent. Wings of chicken…? Maybe…? When he learned it was an offal matter, he politely refused, recognizing that he may be losing out on a gastronomic treat (most likely to keep the peace rather than out of personal conviction).

And speaking of half-full glasses, these days, my tastebuds are thankful for the abundance of chicken gizzards as we no longer depend on our backyard chickens for that occasional chicken dinner.

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