Traditional South African Desserts

Traditional South African Desserts

Atowa is a very unique restaurant that has a very traditional African Style. This unique restaurant specializes in stunning and traditional African food. From venison loins and sausage, to ribs, chicken and rump steaks.  Everything Atowa has on its menu is purely South African and this also includes the Desserts.

Milk Tart

Milk Tarts are the classic South African dessert. A light dessert that goes perfect with ice cream and custard. The Melk Tert has such a unique recipe and tastes so great that many have tried to create different variations and have also been added as flavours for many drinks. For those who love Melk kos , they will definitely love this as it is basically melk kos on a soft crust.

For a simple and easy to make recipe, follow the recipe: Milk Tart

Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding is one of the most popular deserts in South Africa and is synonymous with South African desserts. This amazing spongy dessert is a perfect choice on a cold winder day as this pudding is served warm. The malva pudding can be eaten as is or served with a variety of extras like Ice cream, a splash of rum and custard. It has a simple recipe and does not take so long to make.

For an easy and simple recipe, click the following link: Malva Pudding

Crunchy Bar

Oats are a very versatile ingredient that can be used in a large variety of dishes, from desserts to delicious meals. Oats are traditionally used for a filling and traditional breakfast item in many areas in South Africa. One of the most iconic desserts in South Africa is the Oats Crunchy Bar, a sweet and crunchy biscuit that can contain a variety of amazing fillings, like berries, fruit and even chocolate. The recipe shown here is simple and easy to make and you can even adjust the recipe to suit your wants.

For this simple and easy recipe, click here: Crunchy Bar

Cremora Tart

The Cremora Tart is the iconic easy bake, no fail tart that is beloved by South Africans worldwide. This simple tart is absolutely perfect to fill your sweet tooth craving. The Cremora tart uses very few ingredients, takes little time to prepare and is extremely simple to make, even to those who are intimidated by baking.

For a simple and easy to follow recipe, click the link: Cremora Tart


The Koeksister, the must have baked good that your ouma made for farmers markets, church functions and Sunday desserts. This extremely sweet, syrupy dessert has become synonymous with South African desserts. This proudly South African dessert is a rather straight forward to make but it can take some time to prepare and finish.

To make your own Koeksisters, follow the link for an easy recipe: Koeksister

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