Delicious Traditional South African Meals

Delicious Traditional South African Meals

Something that always seems to attract people to a country is the food. Many people tour around the world trying all the iconic and traditional foods that embody the tradition of the area. South Africa is a truly wonderful and colourful country that is home to an incredible amount of different cultures. South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation for its cultural variety as well as large variety of animals, landscapes, and colours. Of all of these wonderful cultures  provide one of the most diverse varieties of traditional foods, styles, architecture and beliefs.

South Africa is home to some truly unique and iconic meals that is bound to have you curious and trying some of these delicious dishes.

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternuts are a very versatile vegetable that are used in a variety of South African meals and one of the most popular meals that are made from this versatile vegetable, is the delicious Butternut Soup. This creamy  and delicious soup is extremely filling and can be eaten with a variety of sides, giving it some great versatility.


Bobotie is the South African Original variant of Meatloaf and is so much better. Bobotie is a curry infused mince meal that is layered in an egg and milk topping and baked in the oven. This delicious dinner time favourite is simple to make and serves a good number of people. Different people in South Africa add different ingredients to the recipe that provide their own unique tastes.


Bread is a fairly common part of South African diets and many meals can be paired for delicious meal combinations. Vetkoek is one of the most popular baked goods in South Africa. The Vetkoek is a doughy deepfried bread that provides a crispy outer coating with a soft and doughy centre. Vetkoek are a perfect base for many different meals as it can contain sweet or savoury foods. Vetkoek are paired very well with mince or chicken and are delicious with syrup and ice cream.

Tomato Bredie

During the winter months, nothing heats you up more than a delicious bowl of Tomato Bredie. The term bredie is a cape name for meat  and vegetables that are stewed together. The gravy of a tomato bredie is thick, rich in flavour and full bodied. The thick gravy is made from meat that have a fair amount of fat and bone  that is rolled in flower and browned. Like a fine wine, Tomato Bredie’s flavour improves after a few days and is very nice with brown rice.

Beef Curry Soup

Beef Curry Soup is a proudly South African creation that consists of stew beef served with onions, carrots, and potatoes in a delicious and curry infused broth. The Curry influence of this amazing dish actually comes from the North and provides just that extra bit to make this dish truly outstanding.

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