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A White River Restaurant with a Difference

ATOWA, owned by the visionary Chris Welthagen and run by experienced restaurant and hotel manager Wayne Blake, is a uniquely African restaurant with a menu completely unlike any of the other White River restaurants. The restaurant is based in the grounds of Greenway Woods Resort.

The ATOWA dining experience is true to the restaurant’s name.

ATOWA is an abbreviation for “A Taste of Wild Africa”, and some of the meats served on the menu are the kind you won’t find in any other Nelspruit or White River restaurant. The traditionally African meals are subject to availability as the restaurant is dedicated to being ethical.

The concept of ATOWA is inspired by a concept first developed by a restaurant based in Nairobi, Kenya, which served wild meats.

From roosterkoek served warm with homemade jam and rich butter, and accompaniments which include the household favourite pap and sheba, to impala, bush pig and kudu prepared as the main course, guests are in for a memorable time.

Those who are not in the mood for venison are not left out, as the menu includes several tamer options.

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