5 Mouth Watering African Dishes

5 Mouth Watering African Dishes

Africa is a continent full of wonderful flavours. From local delicacies made from indigenous fruits, vegetables and meats to dishes adopted and adapted from other cultures, Africa has plenty to offer by way of food that once eaten you will be hard pressed to forget.

Food remains at the centre of most social occasions in Africa and it is often a good representation of African culture.

At ATOWA we honour the cuisine of Africa by creating a menu filled with some of the best dishes that Africa has to offer. We use locally sourced ingredients and prepare each meal in the traditional way, on an open fire and in a communal space. In our boma styled outdoor restaurant, our patrons can watch their meals being prepare, share in good conversation and absorb the amazing atmosphere.

Mother Africa has an array of popular dishes, some of which appear on the menu at ATOWA. If you are keen on learning more about what kinds of foods are most popular in which countries, this is the blog for you.

Bean Cake from Cameroon

This is an African appetiser that is something quite delicious. The cake is made from cowpeas which are mashed and wrapped up in banana leaves before they are steamed. This is a savoury dish and can be eaten with fish and vegetables.


Couscous, which is steamed semolina, is an incredibly popular dish in northern Africa and is today eaten all over the world. Couscous can be eaten with just about every kind of meat and vegetable and with a touch of saffron, the flavour can really be brought out of it.

Chicken Muamba from Angola

This is a spicy dish and it is quite oily. Chicken is marinated in spices and chilli which is what gives it that really unique flavour. The chicken can be eaten with a traditional porridge.

Shisa Nyama from South Africa

Shisa Nyama, also known as pap en vleis, is a staple in every South African culture. Nothing beats that taste of traditionally cooked braai meat and the accompanying maize meal porridge, which is often smothered in a thick, fresh tomato and onion relish. The meat can be literally any kind, with beef, pork and chicken often being the most common meats on the menu. The meat is cooked over a particular type of wood and/or coal, which gives the meat a very particular flavour.

Nyama na irio from Kenya

A simple but staple meal, this one is an absolute favourite in Kenya. This dish consists of mashed potatoes, beans and peas as well as onions and corn. Spicy roasted meat is placed on top of this and the dish is finished off with certain condiments.

If you are looking for a meal that is definitely unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted, ATOWA is the place to be. We are situated at Greenway Woods Resort, on the other side of the small village of White River.

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